Thursday, October 09, 2008


The Stylish Music Phone - Sony Ericsson W595 Unboxing Mini Review

Since the stylish-and-functional Sony Ericsson W580 was so successful, the announcement of W595 didn’t really surprise me at all. The new model is built around the success-formula of the W580 with new things such as the HSDPA connection added. Can it continue the legend? Read on.

The package is rather typical: a phone, a battery, a charger, a handsfree, a User’s guide with CD-Rom.

I like the Indigo Blue color very much. Frankly there are too many black models and the new color is quite refreshing.

The phone is not terribly elongated when slid up, so you can still hold it securely with one hand.

That’s a family of keys packed in that tiny space! Despite the over-crowdedness the keys are easy to access and have a nice, tactile feeling.

The keypad is nicely spaced and has a very stylish design. I have seen countless models ruined by bold, innovative but dysfunctional keypads, Sony Ericsson was clever enough to avoid that mistake by sticking to the truly usable design.

The speaker is on the bottom side of the phone with good exposure. You can listen to the ringtone and music clearly through the speaker.

The 3.2MP camera should be more than adequate for casual shooting. It would be nice to have a self-portrait mirror but I guess that might damage the design of the phone.

The only lamentable thing about the W595 is the M2 card (not included). M2 cards are pricey, small in capacity, and they have only a fraction of the market. When will Sony Ericsson ditch them and adopt the smaller but better microSD cards? You need to remove the cover (luckily, not the battery) to change card.

In the Walkman player, songs can be grouped according to artists, albums…etc. The horizontal view has an eye-candy design that matches the exterior design of the phone nicely. To qualify for the “W” prefix, the W595 has a load of music features including MegaBass and album art support. Undoubtedly, music quality is great on the W595!

All the usual software is here. Operation is fluid and the icon layout is intuitive. The bundled Netfront browser, coupled with the HSDPA connection, make a very joyous and speedy Internet browsing experience.

The W595 has a nicer design, more megapixel and a faster 3.5G connection than its predecessor (W580). The W595 is a very nice music phone that is easy and convenient to operate.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Sony Ericsson T700 Phone Unboxing Review

As the T-series of Sony Ericsson is slammed into oblivion by the K-series, they have announced the new slim-styled T700 in an attempt to revival its classic T series. With the design which is inspired by T650, and robust set of must-have features that you’d expect from a Sony Ericsson phone. Seems it is simple but functional.

Standard stuff: a Battery, a Charger, a USB cable, a handsfree, CD and Manual.

T700 with a premium metal finish just like T650. Weighing in at just 78 grams and a thickness of just 10mm, the handset fits perfectly in one's hand.

The keypad layout and navigation pad is clean and clear. And so happy to see that Sony Ericsson have ditched the infamous navigation joystick and have replaced it with a sleeker D-pad.

The back of the phone. Very clean design layout: Black (which is made of metal) on Silver (which is made of plastic).

3.2 Mega pixel camera located at the back together with a self-portrait mirror. On the right side of the lens, it is the LED flash and the loudspeaker grill.

Here’s the M2 memory card slot which is located at the bottom of the phone.

On the right hand side of the phone, you may see a dual volume/camera control key and a sliding release key for the back cover.

On the left hand side, you may see a microphone pinhole and holes for attaching a neck or wrist strap at the bottom.

The TFT display measures 2" in diagonal which isn't quite what you'd expect in a higher mid-range tier handset. As a simple phone, it‘s still ok~

Here’s the standard Sony Ericsson Menu layout.

The phone has a timeless yet fresh Sony Ericsson design which is thin and reasonably small in size. The UI is user friendly and the quoted battery life is pretty good too with up to 9.5 hours talktime. However, the camera appears to lack autofocus and the small display will be the drawback. As a mid-level phone, T700 is more than enough to meet all your needs in daily with a phone.

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