Friday, August 08, 2008


Olympic Medal Discount Reward

Olympic Medal Discount Reward

Thursday, August 07, 2008


LG KC550 Mini Product Review

LG released a number of high-end handsets currently, but this time the have a mid-end slider of LG, KC550 is offered style and 5 megapixels camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics for not much money. At my first glance, it really looks like chip off the old chocolate block, but with proper buttons rather than the touch-sensitive surfaces. Is it a good news for you?

The package comes with a Battery, a Charger, an AV cable, a USB cable, a headset, CD and Manual.

This is the 2.4 inches screen in 14.9mm thick only. And it looks slick.

A capture of slide opened. Since the phone has an accelerometer on board, it automatically rotates the images you’ve taken.

And here is the stylish keypad which is clean and clear. However, it feels spongy and unresponsive. And there's a blemish that once you press a numeric key, the whole piece of keypad will tilt.

A set of well-sized navigation keys on top.

On the right side, you'll find a microSD expansion slot, which accepts up to 4GB memory. (The memory card is for reference only.)

Just slide the vertical placed solid metal cover on the rear, the 5 megapixels camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics, auto-focus, flash lens and image stabilizer, will activate immediately, very straightforward!

A shot of the menu. It is some colorful icons with a numeric equivalent for each choice.

The performance of the camera of KC550 can par with single purpose digital cameras on the market.

Well~Perhaps even more impressive is the video options, shooting at 30f.p.s at a resolution of 720x480. That’s wonderful!

Actual photo image taken in an indoor environment.

With the flash on, the image looks sharp.

Another shot with flash light enabled.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Fijifilm FinePix F100fd Mini Product

The Fujifilm F100fd is the newest addition to Fujifilm's award-winning F series compact camera.Let's see how's it work.

The package comes with a hand strap, a charger, an AV cable and a USB cable plus a manual.

The camera is among the heaviest of its kind at 170g, but every gram is worth it because the body feels metallic and sturdy.

At the top of the camera lies the zoom switch, On/Off button and an infrared port for connecting to a printer. The zoom switch is a little too loose as a slight push can change the zoom significantly.

The battery and storage card are securely locked into the compartment and does not come off when the door is open.

The lens is a Fujinon 5X zoom lens. It consists of 3 barrels, all of which rotate and produce audible sound during zoom. The lens has a coverage that is equivalent to a 28-140mm lens on a 35mm camera. This zoom range is adequate for everyday use but the 140mm end is too short for taking photos from the far side of a concert hall.

The back of the camera is spacious with few buttons. Most of the buttons are conveniently located near the thumb so operating with one hand is possible. The “wheel dial” functions as a 4-way button that can control flash, timer, macro mode and image stabilisation.

F100fd Combine mechanical image stabilisation with the effects produced with higher ISO which up to an amazing ISO 12,800. When the Dual IS mode is engaged, the sensor moves to compensate for camera shake while the high sensitivity enabled by the SuperCCD technology allows for minimal exposure time.

I must say that SuperCCD works and produces excellent results at ISO400 and 800 with few noticeable noises. This is considerably better than most compact cameras that produce scarcely acceptable ISO200 images.
The mentionable thing is the new Face Detection 3.0 of F100fd. It is fun to play with which can identify up to 10 faces from different distances from the camera. And even identify inverted or moving faces. Replaying photos is a lot more fun too with the “face only” slideshow replay mode.
The F100fd can certainly pull a lot of tricks out of its miniature body with the dual image stabilization functions and a wide 28mm lens. There is probably no camera that can beat the F100fd when it comes to taking indoor pictures.

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