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LG KU990 Product Review

Pictures of LG KU990 in Pink:





Samsung Serenata Product Review

We are always interested in unique phones. Whenever we have got the chance to have an unboxing session of those, we are always excited about it. This time we can check out the new B&O Samsung Serenata. Although we have seen some official pictures and understood that it is not a conventional phone. But still wanted to check out how B&O think of a mobile phone.

The box is huge. This is a luxury phone, so there are a lot of things coming out of the box. In the package, here comes a battery, a charger, a luxury metal charging cradle, USB cable, audio out cable, CD, manual and a handsfree adapter (only   . You need to buy a 3.5mm headphones yourself. But don’t worry, B&O is not cheap but just don’t want to be cheap at all. It comes with a Samsung luxury WEP 420 Bluetooth headset that has its own charging adapter and cradle coming with it! Wow. 

The box is big and deep. It has three layers of stuff. We are seeing the middle layer, which are the Wep420 Bluetooth & cradle and the Phones cradle.

The phone is made by Samsung and designed by B&O.

Even the USB connector at the bottom has its own sliding door.

The design of the phone looks like a luxury remote control. The top is occupied by the big metal dialing control. At the lower part of the phone is the touchscreen LCD display. Yes it is a touchscreen. However when we are using the dial control, my hand is always blocking part of the screen.  Oh, as you can see from the picture, you have to “dial” out your calling number. 

You can dial or touch to control the music playing.

At the back of the B&O, it has a metal stand mechanism which can support the
phone to stand on the table instead of lying flat. Perfect for music playing.

At the back of the phone, the Serenata has got a big speaker. Sliding out for
music playing.

When playing music, if we turn up the music volume, there will be a red line
arch indicating the amount of volume. The dial control is actually very smooth
to use. Also the music quality is extremely very good even at maximum volume
playing. We are definitely having a great B&O experience.

Using a dial control to do texting, this is what you are getting.  I believe
there will not be many people love to use this.

The Samsung Wep420 Bluetooth with cradle. I have seen people using the B&O Bluetooth before, why not packing that with the phone?

The phone’s charging cradle. At the end of the cable there, we have a multi-plug thing that can attach the cradle to power, USB, and audio.

After playing with the phone for a while, we all think that the B&O Samsung Serenata is a perfect second phone when you need to go to some very fancy dinner or a date. It stands on the table instead lying there like every other phone! Or perfect as a small portable digital audio player (it has got 4GB internal memory) to play music anywhere you go. As a 3G HSDPA browsing device, the screen is just too small. At the end we are still not sure if we can really talk on the phone without using a handsfree nor Bluetooth anyway.


Sony Ericsson W760i Product Review

Definitely flooded by Sony Ericsson this week. I have got the W760i and C902
on hand and just finished with the C702 a couple of days ago. What is going
on with Sony Ericsson? Why do they need to rush out everything in 2 weeks
and have nothing for 2 months? The first look at the W760, it is a lot
thicker, stronger and heavier than the W580 or W910. It is just not feeling
like a Walkman phone.

The package comes with a Battery, a Charger, a USB cable, a crap handsfree,
(get your own headphones or buy a new A2DP Sony Ericsson), a CD and Manual. This unit comes with a 2GB M2 card though.

This slider has got two speakers (?) with backlight under the red and green
buttons. We tested the sound quality of the speaker and found it very good
even at a comparatively high volume. We did not test at maximum volume,
since you only needed it to be loud enough anyway. Also need to mention that
this phone got a lot of LED lights all around the phone. May be it is the
silver version; the backlight is only in white that cannot be changed
according to themes like the W580 did.

The back of the phone is full of the dots. The Walkman logo can light up
when playing music, in white colour.

This slider phone got two tiny square buttons on the top of the phone. They
are for quick launching pictures inside the phone. The left one is to pop
out pictures one by one. The right hand side button is to launch the photo

Close up. On the top direction of the main navigation pad is the shortcut to
launch the GPS feature. BTW GPS receiver is located at the back of the phone
near the handsfree plug.

Keypad close up.

3.2 mega pixel camera included in the phone.

M2 card slot on top of the phone like the W580.

Browsing photo or using the Walkman interface, when you rotate your phone
sideways, the screen will rotate with you as well. Kind of handy to view
longer song names.

Google map included.

Kind of not satisfy with the release schedule of the Sony Ericsson phones.
Why all the sudden everything rushed out? It is because of the iPhone 3G
release in July? Not sure about it. But as the line between Walkman phones,
G-series, and C-series getting blurry now, can the W760i be a better phone
comparing to the smart G900 or ultra slim 5 mega pixel C902 Cyber-shot? Will the stronger built-in speakers make this Walkman phone stands out? I am not sure about it.


Sony DSC-W300 Product Review

Sony recently released the new W-series camera.  The Cyber-shot DSC-W300 13.6 mega pixel point and shoot camera looks very similar to the other W-series.


Coming in the package, we have a Battery, a Charger, a USB cable, a hand strap, CD and manual.



The Sony DSC-W300 is equipped with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar optics systems with 3 x zoom capability.  The effective resolution is at 13.6 mega pixel, so you can take really really big image with it.  Actually, do we need 13.6 mega pixel?



It also has image stabilizer and smile shutter technology included in the camera.  At the back, the camera layout is typical Sony.  At the upper right, there is a dial type function selector.



Four directional function selector at the lower right hand side.


Side shot with the lens extended to maximum zoom.


Battery and Memory Stick Duo compartment.



Camera interface when taking picture on the 2.7 inches LCD.  W300 also comes in with eye-level view finder.



Face detection at work, even on magazine faces.  The face tracing is quite fast indeed.



We are trying the smile shutter on the DCS-W300, it works on real person and on this magazine model as well.



The image shot by the DSC-W300.  The colour is a little bit too bright and too red.  Things tend to look more colourful then it should be.




Sony Ericsson G900 Product Review

Finally, I have got the Sony Ericsson G900 red on hand. I knew before the testing that the phone will be almost identical to the G700 which I have tested a week ago. The only differences for the G900 will be the 5 mega pixel camera, WiFi capability, and the touch to focus feature when taking pictures. Of course the external casing designs are different between the two phones. Which one do you do you like better?

In the package you will get a Battery, a Charger, two styluses, a USB cable, a
handsfree, a CD and manual. Same standard stuff as all Sony Ericsson phones.

G900 is a touchscreen smartphone, of course it comes with a stylus. However,
since the user interfaces are designed big enough for a thumb, it is not
necessary to take out the stylus most of the time. Well, unless you need to hand
write a note.

Interesting enough, the keypad layout has been changed in the G900. The upper
menu keys have been replaced by a couple of notes and email keys. In the G700
layout, the conventional upper menu keys are kept with two additional round
buttons on the sides for notes and email short cuts. I personally think the G700
layout fits someone used to the conventional Sony Ericsson layout like me.

Same user interface as the G700. You can touch the both ends of the bottom
rolling bar to scroll the menu to the left or right very quickly.

G900 has WiFi! Yeah.

5 mega pixel camera with flash. Same as G700, no lens cover at all.

The back cover of the phone. The speaker holes has been designed more nicely
comparing to the G700.

If you need to switch the M2 memory card from the G900, you need to take out the
back cover first and slide out the memory tray on the side. Not sure why it is designed this way as you can just take out the M2 card anytime without opening the back cover in G700.

The Card slot is located under the headphone plug on the side.

Camera in action. You can touch to focus onto different spots for your photo shooting. It is quite handy.

Photo image quality. Again, no retouch, just resized to fit. Sony Ericsson has a tendency to take blurred images. The quality is not bad for this 5 MP camera,
but just everything is not as sharp as the Nokia phones.

Shoot in a no light situation to test the flash quality. No bad at all.

Another shot for your reference.

For other features like the note creating and the user interface, since it is the same as the G700, we did not take them in this photo session. If interested, you can go to the G700 thread and compare. In general, both G900 and G700 are very good phone in a reasonable budget. Reaction on the user interface is quick as expected and the camera quality is reasonable. So it is really up to you on which one to choose from. Do you need WiFi? Do you need 5 mega pixel? But I think the “touch to focus” is quite handy for camera shooting. Or is it?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Panasonic P905i Product Review

I did this Panasonic P905i unboxing for a while but somehow forgot to post them because of too busy lately. Anyway, I would like to share with some picture on this nice phone here to you guys. I specifically requested a non-black color, since shooting a black color phone is comparatively difficult. Then it comes the gold color one. Well, it is unique and looks good.

The phone only comes with itself and a battery, oh also a thick Japanese user manual. So we added the Charger, Data Cable and the HyperSIM to make it work. This Clam-Shell phone is actually a little bit long, since it has a large 480x854 16:9 WVGA VIERA LCD screen. But comparing to the other 5 mega pixel auto-focus SO905iCS, it is a lot thinner.

The flip top can open side way as well. With the antenna pulled out, it looks like a small TV. Actually the TV thing is the whole point. In Japan, you can watch the “One-Seg” TV with the phone.

A close up on the navigation keypad. See the AF (Auto Focus) key?

AV out and recording button on the side is specially made for the TV capability.

Is it the only one with Bluetooth in the 905 series phone? The open key is for opening the flip side way.

The 5.1 mega pixel camera with flash (Xenon?) does not have any lens cover at all.

Beautiful 3.2 inches 480 x 854 2000:1 VIERA LCD screen.

Wow… when the backlight is on, the keypad is gorgeous.

The grid aligned phone menu system.

Another shot with the backlights on. It looks good on gold.

Well you can open the screen this way.

It has a small hidden LCD display hidden on the front flip showing the basic information.

The camera interface is simple with one spot auto-focus. Well, I am not sure if it only has one spot or I am not very familiar with the camera.

One simple photo shot with the P905i camera without any retouching.

Japanese designed phones are so attractive. Although I know it is only a Triband phone that I cannot even use the network related services and TV, but it is still very tempting. This P905i 5 mega pixel flip phone has Bluetooth and not as bulky. So tempting.

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