Thursday, November 09, 2006


SmartPhone...Now and Then... 3

Year 2005 to Now
By this time, smart phones shipment were more than 50 percent from the second quarter of 2005 to now. It is expected that more smart phones or feature phones will be sold in the next few years.

Dopod 900: First 3G support WM5 smart phone


SmartPhone...Now and Then... 2

Year 2003 - 2004
Window Mobile (WM) was born. It came out 2 versions: Smartphone and Pocket PC. WM emphasis with Microsoft Office compactable and give user a concept of "Mobile office." Besides, they have Windows Media Player installed in the device.

As consumer has a higher expectation to the smartphone, a lot of smartphone providers came out a lot of new ideas, incorporation of television into the smartphone was among the topics discussed.

O2 xphone


SmartPhone...Now and Then...

Year 2000
Born of a Smartphone
Sagem WA3050
The first window pocket pc phone was born in 2000 The Sagem WA3050 with GSM and GPRS functions, powered by Windows CE3.0.

Year 2002
PPC Phone and SmartPhone
HP jornada 928 GSM Dualband O2 xda
The mix of PC and phone, initiated by Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 system. It combined the phone functions, PIM (Personal Information Management), web browsing with html and broadcasting multimedia files. Jornada 928 and O2 xda were both powered by PPC 2002 and supporting GSM.
To be continued...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Coming soon on ipod shuffle

New ipod shuffle

Why shuffle??
Ready to wear..

Connect to your music Library..

Monday, November 06, 2006


Testing with SoftBank X01HT

SoftBank X01HT / HTC TyTn Powered by Windows Mobile 5.0
Want to know how the Windows Mobile works with the X01HT? Here are some of the features:

The default browser is Internet Explorer

Playing your music or movie by Windows Media Player

Built-in Excel Spreadsheet and Word Document

Pictures and Videos Viewer, the quality of the screen is not bad and the loading time is fast.

The Number Panel Interface. There is no fixed keypad, you must dial through this interface.


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